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A paid subscription gets you access to Tiimo on as many devices as you want, calendars for up to five different users, and access to our amazing customer support team.

💪 We financially support neurodivergent partners & creators

💸 We are a small company and it's expensive to develop & maintain an app (we currently are not making any profit)

😁 We are 100% ad free - and proud of it (nothing to distract or interrupt your executive function)

⛔️ We don't make money selling data

💙 We want people to try the product for free, before they pay

Annual subscription

When you pay yearly we can count on your support for even longer and we have fewer admin costs, so we can keep the monthly price as low as possible!

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Monthly subscription

Give Tiimo a try for one month. You can always change to the annual subscription and get a more affordable monthly cost.

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This monthly subscription helps us ensure there are more affordable pricing options available and that we can develop new features even faster. Thank you!!!

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