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What is Tiimo?

Tiimo is a visual planning and learning app that supports the ability to focus, plan, manage time and juggle multiple tasks in people with ADHD, Autism, and anyone who thinks differently. We offer two membership plans and a free forever version of our basic planning features. Get access to all Tiimo premium features with a seven day free trial. Available on both Android and iOS devices. (Tiimo Learn is currently only available on iOS)

What happens at the end of the seven day trial period?

You can cancel your trial period any time in your App store or Google play settings. Once your seven day trial ends your subscription will start automatically on a recurring basis. Your subscription will continue without renewal notice until you choose to cancel. Worried you might forget to unsubscribe? Set a reminder with Tiimo!

Who is Tiimo for?

Tiimo is designed for people with diverse cognitive profiles, such as ADHD, autism, stress, and anxiety, and anyone who thinks differently. Visual thinkers love it for the high degree of visualization. Use Tiimo to help you stay on top of your day every day, whether it's time management, accountability, building focus or getting advice from neurodiversity experts.

How do I get started?

Download the app, install Tiimo and follow the in-app guide to get started. You can also watch a fun 25 minute online demo of how Tiimo works.

What makes Tiimo special?

We’ve designed Tiimo specifically to support executive functioning  accountability, focus, and building a happier neurodivergent journey. Here are some of the things that make Tiimo different:

  • Tiimo is designed for neurodivergent brains
  • Tiimo is a one stop-stop hub for your neurodivergent needs. Find instant support through expert courses, live webinars, award-winning planning, and shared community insights
  • Other planning apps overwhelm with week views, three-day views, month views. Tiimo puts the focus on your day right now, with all your activities flowing into a color-coded timeline
  • Tiimo makes planning and learning visual. That means, we help you “see” time with color blocks and icons that make your tasks instantly recognizable
  • We are 100% ad-free and proud of it (nothing to distract or interrupt your executive function)

What is the Tiimo story?

Tiimo was born from a research project looking into how technology could help adolescents with ADHD thrive in school. Launched in 2015 by co-founders Melissa and Helene, Tiimo has grown from a small Scandinavian startup to an award-winning app that’s changing neurodivergent lives worldwide. Take a peek at our mission, team, and incredible journey so far here.

How much does Tiimo cost?

Tiimo offers a free forever version of our planning features, but to have the full app experience, we invite you to explore our premium subscriptions: Tiimo Plan and Tiimo Learn. Check prices in your local currency on the App store or in Google play.

Upgrading to Tiimo Learn (from a planning subscription)

If you're currently subscribed to premium planning and decide to switch to Tiimo Learn, you will be upgraded immediately. This means you'll start enjoying all the additional features and content of Tiimo Learn right away. Plus, you will be automatically refunded the unused portion of your planning subscription through the App store. This way, you only pay for what you use and get more resources to help you learn and plan more effectively.

Switching from Tiimo Learn to Tiimo Plan

If you've subscribed to Tiimo Learn and choose to switch to Tiimo Plan, your current subscription will continue as is until it's time to renew. When your renewal date comes around, you will be switched to Tiimo Plan, and you'll start paying the new subscription price. This way, you can finish out your current cycle with all the features you're used to and move to a simpler plan that still meets your needs when it's time to renew.

How do I unsubscribe?

If you have subscribed in Google Play you can cancel in Google Play. See Google's own guide on how to unsubscribe here.

If you have subscribed in the App Store you can cancel your subscription in settings on your device. See Apple's own guide on how to unsubscribe here

We will charge you for the current subscription period. Please note that paid subscriptions can't be terminated before the end of the period for which you have already paid. Tiimo will not refund fees that you have already paid. You can request a refund through the App Store or Google Play.


We know people have different support needs that can make navigating a website challenging. Creating inclusive resources is an ongoing project at Tiimo, and we strive to make our work as accessible as possible with the resources we have. Questions or suggestions? Reach out to us at community@tiimo.dk

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