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We have gathered all the help you need to get started with Tiimo. Watch our video guides, get advice, or read frequently asked questions.

tiimo portal

Get overview in the portal

Get the full overview of the week in the portal. We recommend using the portal when planning for the entire week.

one user for alle devices

Make changes on the go with the app

We know that unforeseen changes often happen. You can easily edit or create new activities in our app. Download for your Apple or Android device.


Use on all devices

Use Tiimo on multiple devices at the same time. Just download the app on your device and log in with your user. For instance, if you are a parent or caregiver, you and the child can use Tiimo simuntaneously - no problem!

Video guides

Watch our video guides to help get started with Tiimo

Desktop: create activity

Smartphone: create activity

Desktop: create a routine

Smartphone: upload your own icons

Desktop: upload your own images

Tips to get started

We really want you to make the most of Tiimo in your everyday life! That is why we have put together 6 great tips, that can help you get started and do well. They are based on experiences and feedback from other families, who are happy and successful using Tiimo on an everyday basis.


Involve your child the planning

If your child is up for it, our experience shows improved usage of Tiimo when the child is involved in setting up the activities, choosing icons, reminders, or other content.


Have patience

Though we wish it were, Tiimo isn't magic, and you may not see an effect from day one. It can take a few weeks of use before you experience Tiimo's impact in your everyday life. Please be patient. 🙂


Write encouraging messages

Many users write encouraging messages in the notes of the activity. This is an easy and fun way of communicating, while adding a personal touch. Such an encouraging message could look like this: "Have a great gym sesson, you can do it! Mom ❤️"


Look back on the past week

Talk about your past week. When was Tiimo helpful? Have a dialog once a week to learn how to adjust along the way. The dialogue will benefit everyone involved in the planning and usage of Tiimo.


Take the time needed

When you set up plans in Tiimo for the first time, it takes a little time to get going, because you need to fill up the entire week with meaningful activities. When you have set up one day, you can choose to repeat it, or you can reuse the activities to form a routine, saving you time in the future.

Schedule a Tiimo-day

Many of our users have dedicated a certain day and time during the week to set up Tiimo for the coming week. For instance use Sunday evenings to go through and plan the upcoming week.

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