September 28, 2022

Tiimo raises their seed investment round

Find out more about the funding and what it means for Tiimo

Tiimo raises their seed investment round

Tiimo’s mission is to make the world more neuroinclusive through our daily visual planning app which helps people navigate everyday life. Our features are designed with neuroscience in mind and developed to really support those with executive functioning issues (especially those with Autism and/or ADHD). We aim to holistically focus on helping our users get the tasks they need to do that day done, as opposed to measuring productivity. By the nature of our app and target market, we know that many of our users genuinely rely on Tiimo to get through their day and so one of the key principles for us has been to build a sustainable business around the app so that we can continue to be there for our users for the long term.

If you have been following general Tiimo news and reading our roadmaps, you will know that we have been raising investment funds to continue the growth and development of the app. This road has been long and taken a lot longer than we anticipated, but it has been really important to us to find the right kind of investors. Investors who not only understand the journey we have been on and where we see the app going in the future, but importantly can also understand and appreciate the values that are shared between us and our community. We believe we have found a brilliant, passionate and committed team of investors with beliefs and ethics in line with our own and so are very excited to finally share this news with you!

Our new Investment Partners

We are proud to announce we have raised a €3M Seed round co-led by Crowberry Capital (Iceland) and People Ventures (Denmark). We are thrilled to have two lead funders whose expertise and areas of investment so closely fit Tiimo - and we can already feel the impact of where both of them have been able to add value to our organisation beyond just with finances.

Crowberry Capital are a female-led Nordic venture fund that (in their own words) ‘supports people that are good for companies and builds companies that are good for people’. They have a specialist focus on diversity and inclusion in Tech, which makes them a great partner to our mission.

“It’s been a pleasure watching Tiimo grow significantly over the last 2 years as they execute on their important mission of empowering neurodivergent people and deliver a great product loved by users. We are excited to support them on their continued journey” - Helga Valfells, Founding and Managing Partner at Crowberry Capital

Our co-leads are People Ventures, who take a very hands on approach to the companies they invest in and enjoy working with companies that improve peoples’ everyday lives, primarily with Tech but also with a soft focus on digital health. You can see why they are also a dream fund for us to build the next phase of Tiimo with.

We have also been able to draw in support from other prominent VC investors in the US, including Silicon Valley-based consumer tech VC fund Goodwater Capital and neurodiversity-focused fund Divergent Investments founded by Amol Deshpande.

Several notable business angels are also backing the company as part of the round, including Heini Zachariassen, founder and CEO of the world’s largest wine app and marketplace Vivino, and Kahoot! founders Jamie Brooker and Johan Brand, who both also invested in our previous round in 2020. We are excited at the knowledge and experience that these angels will be able to bring to help our next stage of growth.

What’s next for Tiimo

There is no escaping that we are in a very different world from when we started fundraising a year ago. However, we still hold big dreams for the app and are excited to be able to start putting our plans into action. One of the key areas we will be focusing on for the next two years is expanding the team, especially the development team, so we are able to build and roll out new features faster on both iOS and Android. We have largely grown our user base these past two years through working with content partners and through the support of our community - we are looking forward to being able to back this up with more marketing and brand building. We get so many wonderful reviews from people who the app has helped, and this has been motivation to make the app even more accessible and reach more people who need visual support to get through their day.

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Thank you

This marks a huge milestone for us. This funding feels like a real validation of our work to create (and keep developing) a useful, beautiful app for neurodivergent people. We also know the value in using our platform to educate and inspire people about neurodivergence and hope that we will now be in a position to do more of that. A large part of our success is down to you all, our wonderful users and wider community. Thank you so much for your support, enthusiasm, ideas and critiques that have really helped us to grow and develop over the last two years. We are so excited about investing more into our product and team to realise our ambitions and create the best visual planning app that we can imagine.

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