November 8, 2019

Tiimo is crowdfunding

We have almost 1500 users from 49 different countries today, but we know that there are so many more people out there who could use Tiimo. So we're crowdfunding €340,000 to grow our impact - and you can join us!

Tiimo is crowdfunding

##We have some exciting news: Tiimo is crowdfunding €340,000! Tiimo has 1400 subscribers from 49 different countries today, but we know that there are so many more people out there who could use Tiimo to reduce stress & increase independence. We also know that there is a massive lack of inclusive tech that improves diagnosis and support for Autistic people and/or those with ADHD - and we have a vision that Tiimo will develop into a product that does just that. We’re crowdfunding to grow our reach, our impact and our product and we want you to join our journey! Want to learn more about our story and our vision Then read on👇




##Sound good? Press play to learn more about Tiimo's story and why we're crowdfunding!

##Ready to join us? Head to our Seedrs page

PS. The first 100 investors get these awesome mugs that show your commitment to building inclusive communities 💙☕️

##Have more questions about how it all works? Check out our FAQs.


Daily planning designed to change your life.

Visualize time. Build focus. Make life happen. Tiimo is designed for people with ADHD, Autism, and everyone who thinks, works, and plans differently.

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September 26, 2023

Kirsty Cook | On creating neuroinclusive workplaces

In this episode, we’re joined by Kirsty Cook (she/her), the Global Director of Neuroinclusion Services at auticon - a majority Autistic global social enterprise - to discuss her role and auticon’s neuroinclusion work. 

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September 26, 2023

Discover Interactive Widgets (iOS)

We thought Tiimo widgets could not get any better, yet here we are. Here’s a breakdown of our newest brainchild - interactive widgets for iOS.

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August 13, 2023

Paff Evara | On the importance of intersectional advocacy and using tech for good

In this episode, we talk to neurodivergent creator and founder Paff Evara (they/them) about their media company Take Up Space, the power of decentralized blockchain technology, and the importance of inclusive and intersectional activism.

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