August 23, 2021

Taking Notes

Get those actions and tasks out of your brain and into your Tiimo schedule (iOS & Android)

Taking Notes

At Tiimo, we listen to our users suggestions and their needs carefully. Feedback from reviews, social media and customer support is collated and saved by theme to help the tech and design team to plan and decide what will make it onto the roadmap. However, when we asked our Instagram community for ideas for a new app, we were blown away by the amount of people who asked for a Notes app. The team looked at it and thought ‘Why can’t that just be integrated into Tiimo?’


And so, following a prototype, a design was taken back to the community for feedback. Following that and a few tweaks, it was built! So while it wasn’t on the official roadmap (and the team are still working on delivering the promised features on our Summer edition), it has made it into the app in around 6 weeks!

The idea of this is a physical place within the Tiimo App to braindump actions and tasks without having to make a decision on where or when you will deal with them (yet). The items you add are saved as a checklist and are not assigned to a particular day. This means that these notes will stay in this section until you action them - either by checking them off, or by turning them into an activity that will be added to your schedule.

So let’s take you on a little tour of how the feature works!

You will find the Notes section at the top of the ‘My Day’ view


Image text: The ‘My Day' view with the notes section in the top right

Click on it and it will open up the section with two help checklist points added. You can check them off to remove them from your list.


Image text: Image 1: The add new section. Image 2: Entering a new note and the arrow to save it

Underneath is an ‘Add new’ section. Click and you can type in a new checklist item. Once it is added (by pressing the arrow) you can add icons and colours to the note. We know these visual cues can really help executive functioning processes, even on a checklist. You might also want to theme all your notes by colour (for example, having all house related notes in orange, and all notes related to work in blue).

Then you can either use this as a checklist, or you can convert the note into an activity and put it into your schedule (either as a planned or flexible activity).

How to turn the note into an activity


Image text: Image 1) click arrow to enter activity set up Image 2) Activity view (it is the same as a regular Tiimo activity)

To do this, simply click the black arrow next to the item and it will recreate the note as an activity. From here you have access all the usual activity features, like a longer note section and checklists too. The default is set to a flexible activity, so don’t forget to click the duration and change this if you want it to be planned activity with a set start and end time instead. Then click the black Add arrow to get it into your schedule!

Oh and don’t like the name ‘notes’? That’s editable too. You can just click it and change it to anything that you like! Braindump, Thoughts List, To Dos, 🦄 list….the option is yours. The little number within the title will also remind you how many notes you have stored in there.

We hope that this feature helps you move stuff out of your head until you are in a position to deal with it. We think this gives you much more room for flexibility and can make it even easier to plan your day.

A huge thank you once again to everyone who provided feedback and ideas for this feature. We are really excited to see how and when you use it! This is a feature which could have many different applications and so we want to get a sense of how our users integrate it with their Tiimo schedule before we start with another iteration. If you do have ideas or suggestions though, please don’t hold back and let us know by emailing

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