August 4, 2020

Introducing: Our Product Roadmap 🚀

Stay posted on exciting product changes coming very soon (checklists, moodtracking!) and a little later (flexible activities, calendar integration!) right here.

Introducing: Our Product Roadmap 🚀

From the very first thought of Tiimo, before it was a company or even an app, when it was mostly a question that underlined a master’s thesis project, Helene and I took a user-centered design approach in designing Tiimo. It was true then and it remains true now that it’s only thanks to incredible feedback from our users that we are able to co-create the app that we have today.

In the spirit of co-creation and transparency, two of our core company values, we want to invite our community into our roadmap. Everything on our roadmap is here because users have requested it. Some of these upcoming features offer totally new functions, while others just make the app even more flexible. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on them! There are tons of other features we’d love to build, but right now we’re working as fast as our small and ambitious team can to make the app better than ever.

Without further ado, here’s what we are working on:

Visual in-activity checklists 👀

Lots of users have requested the ability to break down an activity into smaller parts. That capability is almost here in the form of visual checklists. They will be - to our knowledge - unique from other checklist apps in the fact that you’ll be able to choose a visual image to represent each point on the list. We’re excited!!!


Image text: Right now and My day view with a checklist will look like this.


We know that many users would like to track mood during the day and evaluate both on a day-to-day basis and over the longer term. We can also see how powerful the ability to track mood in reference to activities and daily schedule could be for developing self-awareness about your routines and the way they do (or don’t) that support your wellbeing. So moodtracking is on its way in the near-ish future!


Calendar Integrations

We plan to allow Tiimo to integrate with the most common calendar apps so you can save yourself the trouble of double scheduling and give you a better overview of your calendar and Tiimo plans. This has been on our to-do list for a long time, and we’re finally getting to it!


Activities with duration only & reminders

To our users that need reminders, but find that rigid time-schedules can actually cause additional stress: these are for you! Soon in the Tiimo app you will be able to create a new type of activity that is tied to a particular day but not to a particular time. Flexible activities will show up in your daily overview in the order you specify with a duration and a play button, but no time stamp. Imagine these scenarios: If you want to do the laundry on specific days, but it doesn’t have to be at a specific time. You’ll be able to start the activity when you are ready!

Batch actions

Batch actions will allow for a whole new level of flexibility in scheduling. It will mean that users can make adjustments to whole groups of activities. So, if you’re running ten minutes late and want your schedule to reflect that, you’ll be able to shift whole parts of your schedule.

iOS only: Independent watch app ⌚️

We want to optimize the experience for all our users using Tiimo on Apple watch by creating an independent watchOS app that doesn’t require communication with the phone app. For you as a user, it means your calendar will automatically updated and ready to guide you through the day!

That’s all for now! But remember, our users - yourself included - shape our product roadmap. So if there’s something you think the app is missing, please reach out at We take user feedback extremely seriously; it’s the only reason we are where we are today. Going forward, we’ll keep you updated as our product roadmap changes over time. Thanks again for being a part of this journey with us! And make sure to stay updated on new features by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

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