June 16, 2021

Chapter III of our Product Roadmap 🚀

Find out what Tiimo is currently working on and the new features coming soon to the Tiimo app.

Chapter III of our Product Roadmap 🚀

It only seems a minute since we last shared our latest version of our roadmap, but the pace of development has been so fast, that we have already managed to deliver most of it! Going forward, we aim to give you a seasonal update as opposed to a biannual one. Despite Corona restrictions meaning the team spent much of these past few months working from home, or waiting for restrictions to be lifted to be able to fly back into Denmark, the improvements for both iOS and Android have come thick and fast. We are so happy with how many features have made it into the app in this time, and how the app is now beginning to look and function as we envisioned it.

As always, our roadmap is shaped by you! Your feedback, requests and suggestions are what makes Tiimo and what drives us on. We want to create a beautiful, useful, functional app and are so thrilled when we hear how you use Tiimo to make your life less chaotic. Please do continue to reach out to us when you have an idea at hello@tiimo.dk - we take all feedback very seriously. 💙

Here’s what you can expect in the app this summer:



As previewed in the last roadmap, we have been working on the way that you are able to create routines. We know that our users get great value from setting up their activities as a routine, but the current way that you can create them and view them in your ‘My Day’ schedule hasn’t been particularly user friendly. After really drilling into the data of user behaviour and user testing, we have come up with a system that we think is more intuitive, and also solves other issues that users have talked about including being able to shift later activities if an earlier one overruns.


The easiest way to explain it is that now routines will become their own component with a duration (which is the length of all the activities within the routine). When you launch the routine builder, you can find suggested activities, search activities within your libraries or create new ones for the routine. As routines are now viewed as a separate function, you will be able to create and save possible routines to your library, without having to commit them to a date. They will just be there in your library saved for you when you need to use them! Then when building your schedule, you can just add the routine and all the activities will move into place.


This is the exciting bit! This means that a whole routine can be inserted as planned (set start and finish time) or can be flexible. This will allow you to pause and restart your routine, and these changes will affect all later activities within the routine. Activities within the routine will appear as a checklist, which allows you to check off the ones that you have completed, in an unspecified order while it is ongoing. When a later activity in the routine is checked off before it’s start time, the routine will just jump to the next activity.

We will of course walk you through this feature in more detail when it launches, but wanted to share a little with you now, as we know this is going to be a big one! Keep an eye on our social media over the next few weeks for some sneak updates before it launches.

Apple Watch Complication

We love that so many users enjoy using Tiimo with their Apple Watch. We are working on a new complication for it, which will show the ongoing activity and it’s timer. This complication should be out by the end of the month. We are also exploring ideas for more ways we can show Tiimo activity on the Apple Watch, so watch this space!

Mood Tracking

We have just finished user testing our ideas for mood tracking within the app. A huge thank you so much for all of you who reached out after the last roadmap to help with the user testing of this feature. Your ideas and feedback have really helped us refine what has been quite an elusive concept! We also know from recent discussions with our community on social media that there is a big appetite for a way to both track mood during the day and see the impact on certain activities and routines on the way you feel, and but also to be able to look back and reflect on how your feelings have changed over time. This will be quite a significant project for Tiimo! We are onto the prototyping stage at the moment, with a hope to have the feature ready by Autumn/Fall.



We have really appreciated our Android user’s patience as we work on getting the outstanding features currently available on iOS into the app. Android development is notoriously tricky as you are developing for an incredibly large number of devices as opposed to just Apple’s ecosystem. However, our belief that developing for iOS first allows for quicker builds in Android has really paid off with darkmode, widgets, my icon delete, the colour picker, icon search and activity search all being added to the app within the last month. We are expecting the next update which will roll out over this week to include the ability to delete activities from the library and a much more easy and intuitive way to create and edit activities.


Following that, over the summer our developer will be focusing on the much anticipated flexible activities feature, and then on calendar import. We anticipate that the routines feature that is being developed for iOS now (see above) will be in Android over the Autumn/Fall.

What's next?

There are also some smaller tasks on our to do list, which if they don’t come out during this summer period, you can expect to see them on our Autumn/Fall Roadmap:

We will be working on more personalisation within the app - we know that notifications, alarms and sounds have a big impact on many of our users. Having seen how popular dark mode is, we would like to explore more ways of making the Tiimo settings more customisable, while also retaining the sense of Tiimo fun and celebration.

We are looking to build a better content management system which will make it easier for us to add more specific content within the app. We will be looking forward to working with our favourite content creators to make more relevant and useful Tiimo content like premade routines and activities.

Usability is always of the greatest importance to us, so we will continuing to look at how to make Tiimo even more simple and easy to use. One area is in onboarding and helping new users find their way around the app more easily. Another is looking at how to reschedule uncompleted activities quickly and easily.

Looking even further into the future, a potential freeium version is still being explored, but as we explained in our last road map, it will be dependent on when we do our next fundraising round.


What we aren't doing - Fitbit and Galaxy watch apps

While it is exciting to share all the new features we are working on, we also think it is good to be honest and say what we will not be prioritising. We get many requests for Fitbit and Galaxy Watch Tiimo apps, but we will not be developing these. Android have just announced that going forward all Fitbits and Samsung Galaxy watches will be running their new version of Wear OS. This means that our current Android app will work on future devices, and users will be able to access all the features that we currently have and are developing. For this reason, we have chosen not to rebuild the app for two operating systems that will be phased out. If you currently have a Fitbit or Galaxy watch, you are able to mirror Tiimo notifications from your phone onto your watch, and this workaround will not be affected by any future updates.

Well that is certainly going to keep us busy this summer! Thank you so much as always for joining us on our journey and for being here. Nothing makes us happier than hearing how you use the app and if you have any suggestions for ways we can make it more usable. If you have any ideas, please do email them to hello@tiimo.dk - it is your feedback that shapes our roadmap!

We will keep you updated on when the new features launch primarily through our social media networks, so make sure that you are following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Thank you once again for all your support!

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