November 9, 2021

Chapter IV of our Product Roadmap

Find out what Tiimo will be working on over the Winter period.

Chapter IV of our Product Roadmap

Welcome to our Winter roadmap. It has been a while since we updated you, and although we had plans for our roadmap posts to come out in line with the seasons, this particular one will be for a longer time period and will cover from now until (the northern hemisphere) Spring returns in March. We apologise for this - the roll out of routines became a much bigger feature from when we confidently predicted that it would be out at the beginning of the summer! We are really proud of the feature that is now out, but it was definitely a more complicated build than we anticipated, which had a knock on effect on the iOS roadmap for the summer.

As you might know, our roadmap has always been, and continues to be, shaped by you. We take comments, feedback and suggestions very seriously and now we are excited to open this process up to our community even more, and create a public suggestions board. This allows you to not only make suggestions for features, but also add comments to other people’s ideas and upvote the features that you want to see in the app. The Tiimo team moderate the board, and our hope is that this creates even more transparency with our users.

Before we get into the features we expect to launch over the next few months, the biggest thing to note is that we are currently in an investment round. This means that we will be focusing more on smaller features, stability and app improvements in this period as opposed to large features. This will change once we secure funds and are able to scale up the development and product teams (hopefully in the new year).

So here's what the team are working on:



Our main focus for this period is going to be on usability. We want to make sure that all Tiimo users have a better planning experience, and that the app is even more easy and fun to use. For this we have three key areas we would like to concentrate on. The first is batch actions - making it easier to select a larger set of activities and routines, and then apply a similar action (such as copy and move, delete or duplicate) to this set.

The second is a redesign of the library within the app. While it works well now for when you want to search for a specific thing, we think that there is a lot of potential in being able to group similar routines and activities together. The idea would be that you would be able to browse for suitable pre-made content if you were interested in a specific topic area or theme.

Finally, we will be focusing on performance and stability. The development team are really keen to focus on having more features in the app that can work offline. This is quite a big job but we expect to forge ahead with it this season.


Mood Tracking

Our mood tracker was originally slated to be developed and released now, but was a casualty of Routines being a much more involved feature. The design and prototyping phase has been completed, so we will start the development of it hopefully in the new year. Similar to routines, we know this is a big build so we won’t expect that the feature will necessarily be ready for the beginning of Spring, but we hope to make good progress on it over the coming months.

We will also be spending this period designing and prototyping new features ahead of later development.


This summer, Android went from strength to strength with features rolling out at an astonishing pace (9 in total!). With flexible activities now set to launch on Android this month, the only features left outstanding are Notes and Routines (both which only launched on iOS over the summer). Our Android developer is confident that both of these features will make it into the app early next year. One of the reasons why we are able to complete features in a shorter time period for Android is due to developing them on iOS first and being able to learn from the development process and debugging. We appreciate our Android community and hope that you have been pleased with the recent updates within the app.


Post Investment future plans

So with all of that on the board for Winter, what are our plans for the future beyond that? A lot of this will be dependent on our investment round, but there are two things we are keen to see materialise.

The first is a web app for Tiimo which will incorporate the same features that currently exist within the apps. We know that our users are keen for this but it has been important to get the big features into our Phone and Watch apps first before starting work on this. This will be a big project and will need to have a separate developer work on it, which is why we will wait until our investment round has closed. The second, would be to revisit the idea of a freemium model, with a much more basic, stripped down free version of the app available.

If you have been following our journey there probably aren't a lot of surprises in our plans for this quarter, but as we saw with the Notes feature, there is always the potential for a feature to come out of our community suggestions and be put into development ahead of others. We love to hear from you what works, what doesn’t and what could be better, and so really would encourage you to check out the Tiimo Nolt board. Even if you don’t have a suggestion in mind, you can check out other user’s ideas and upvote the ones that you would like to see in the app. Going forward, while we will continue to produce seasonal roadmaps like this one, we would encourage you to check out the roadmap feature on there to get a much more up-to-date overview of what the team are working on at a particular time.


We will keep you updated on new feature launches through our social media networks, so please make sure that you are following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. If you like what we are doing, we would really appreciate a review! Reviews make a huge difference in helping new users to find the app. You can leave a review here on the App Store or on the Play Store!

Thank you so much for your support of Tiimo and for continuing to encourage and inspire us to be the best visual planning app out there ❤️

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