May 26, 2023

Why Tiimo went Freemium

A few thoughts on why we decided to offer a free version of our visual planner.

Why Tiimo went Freemium

Here at Tiimo we’re a small team based in Copenhagen working toward a more neuroinclusive world. Last year, we opted to release a free version of Tiimo and we wanted to share our motivation for doing so.

Our Scandinavian roots

Founded in 2015 by Helene Lassen Nørlem and Melissa Würtz Azari, Tiimo was born from a research project with neurodivergent adolescents and a desire to create an app that could transform planning for people with ADHD and Autism, and anyone who thinks differently. With co-founder Melissa's late diagnosis of ADHD and dyslexia, we added lived experience to our already strong principles of co-creation and inclusion. Today, Tiimo is an award-winning app with over one million downloads worldwide, recognized for its ground-breaking visual planning and intuitive customization.

Over the years we’ve been often asked why Tiimo costs money. Some users have expressed frustration that the app wasn’t accessible without a subscription (the paywall is now gone). From the day we founded Tiimo, our goal has always been to make our app accessible to all who need it, but we’ve been constrained by a few things.

We don’t do ads

One is that we’ve always kept the app completely ad-free, which means we can’t rely on ad revenue to cover our costs. Given that Tiimo is meant to support focus, running distracting ads in the app is not an option for us.

Apps need love, time, and resources

Another is that app development requires resources and time (read salaries). We’re constantly working to improve the app, collaborating with our users to add features and expand customization. We’ve always been transparent about the costs that go into product development, and what it entails to maintain, improve, and grow an app like Tiimo.

What changed then?

In one word, funding. Last September Tiimo successfully raised a EUR 3 million round from social impact investors like People Ventures, Crowberry Capital, and Divergent across the Nordics and the US. We’re now backed by a group of committed investors who care about addressing the lack of support tools for the neurodivergent community as much as we do. This cash injection combined with our subscription revenue, has allowed us to finally offer a forever free version of Tiimo, in addition to our premium version. But we didn’t just want to offer a stripped-down free version. We wanted to make sure the free version adds genuine value and gives users a meaningful Tiimo experience. That’s why we’ve included core functionalities, from favorites like the visual timeline, to focus timer, and anytime activities. Tiimo has always been about giving back to the community, and we’ve done that through co-creation, through supporting neurodivergent content creators, and now we’re proud to offer more people the chance to discover Tiimo and start planning their day (and lives).

That said, if you love planning with Tiimo, we recommend an upgrade to premium or to explore premium with our 7 day free trial. Premium allows you import your existing iCal or Google calendar and see all your activities magically appear on Tiimo’s visual timeline. If you want to share Tiimo with family and friends, your premium subscription can run up to 5 profiles at zero additional cost. You’ll be able to create custom routines to suit your schedule, and let your inner creative shine, with more than 3000 colors and icons to choose from. Tempted? Start your free trial.

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What’s ahead for Tiimo?

Our hope is to make a difference at scale. We see a huge lack of research dedicated to support tools for people with ADHD, Autism, and anyone struggling with executive function. Tiimo wants to change that. Our aspiration is to develop Tiimo into a multi-functional medical app that supports the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of neurodivergent people, and improves quality of life for users and their support networks. In our dream product, you’ll be able to track your mood and habits to better understand how your choices and environment affect your well-being. With your consent, your experiences would be used for more generalized research on developing better diagnostic practices and support tools for neurodivergent people everywhere. Let’s start planning together.

Team Tiimo

Do you have questions about the app, our team or our product vision? Reach out to We’d love to hear from you.

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