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Tiimo is an app for visual structure and support in everyday life

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Do you need more structure & visual support to thrive in everyday life?

Join Tiimo and get immediate access to our free web calendar. Then get the app for smartwatch & smartphone to be guided through your schedule via visuals, notifications & vibrations.
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Built on science

Tiimo was designed in continuous consultation with scientifically recognized methods to support communication, social interaction, and participation in everyday life. To do this, Tiimo combines visual aids, time management tools, and motivating reminders into one smart solution.

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Save time with great routines

With Tiimo you'll save time on planning. Easily create and repeat future activities, add small reminders, and unlock the key to great morning and evening routines with our smart scheduler. Use the desktop view to get an overview of your weeks.

Get an overview of your day

Predictability in everyday life is what many people need to thrive. With Tiimo, you can always access an overview of your entire day, providing the support you need to be more independent and helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stay focused with a timeline

Increase focus and attention with our visual timeline that tracks how much time is left in a given activity. Get discrete and motivating reminders and vibrations along the way, and a notification when a change in activity happens.

Get visual support

Visual support improves memory and can increase attention. With Tiimo, your schedule is easily supplemented with personalizable visual support aids.

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Personalize it with icons and colours

Make Tiimo your own. Choose between our many icons, emojis, and colours.

Use your own photos

Upload your own photos to help visualize a given task or activity.

Get motivating reminders

We get the importanct of positive communication and celebrating small successes. With Tiimo, you get motivating reminders that let you know how far you are through a given task, and celebrating with you when you're done.

showing a routine in Tiimo

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Family sharing

Use Tiimo for the whole family. You can create up to 5 different schedules and you can always login using the same Tiimo-account on multiple devices at the same time. Tiimo is designed for individuals, as well as joint-use between parents and a child or together with other carers.

Web and app solution

Take advantage of our web-portal where you get the best overview of your schedule by week. Use it to plan ahead and make great routines. If changes come up, you can easily create and edit tasks directly in the app as well. Just login on your phone and use the “Plan and use” function.

Bring Tiimo everywhere. Feel the difference.

With Timo you get an app and a reliable assistant that's smart, discreet, and accessible everywhere on your favorite device. Tiimo promotes independence and improves quality of life while reducing stress and conflict. Tiimo has a particularly strong effect on a smartwatch because it's wearable.

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