Daily planning designed to change your life

Visualize time. Build focus. Make life happen. Tiimo is designed for people with ADHD, Autism, dyslexia, and everyone who thinks, works, and plans differently.

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Daily planning designed to change your life

Visualize time. Build focus. Make life happen. Tiimo is designed for people with ADHD, Autism, dyslexia, and everyone who thinks, works, and plans differently.

Visual timeline

No more time agnosia

Tiimo makes planning visual. We help you “see” time with a color-coded timeline and icons that make your tasks instantly recognizable. Did we mention Tiimo is made in design-driven Scandinavia?


Always know what’s coming next

Forgetful? Task avoidant? Our widgets are your daily planning coach! Unlike notifications, you can't swipe widgets away, making sure you're always aware of your current and upcoming tasks.


AI-powered checklists help you break down big tasks

Tiimo’s checklists come with built-in AI designed to instantly break down tasks for you. Create checklists with one click, from household chores, to self-care, to your kid's bedtime routine.

Leveling the playing field for people who think differently

Tiimo is committed to shaping a neuroinclusive world for the +200 million people with ADHD and Autism worldwide. We’re a driven, dedicated, (and neurodivergent) team of 20 who believe there is no right or wrong way of thinking.

From ADHD research project to award-winning app, read about how it all started.

The Tiimo journey

“Tiimo began as a research project, and our close collaboration with users has shaped its design.
We are always learning, researching, and prioritizing user feedback.”


“If you struggle with staying on track and building habits or routines, stop everything and try Tiimo. The app is like the accountability coach I needed, 24/7."



"This tiny app has changed my life and my relationship with time! With Tiimo time makes sense to me in a way it just hasn’t for my whole life.”



“Tiimo makes me feel “in control” because I’m able to see my day visually and make scheduling a breeze. I always know what is coming next which reduces anxiety and helps me focus on what I am currently doing."

Ulrike N.

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Brainstorm Changemakers by Tiimo

A new series featuring experts, activists, and movers who are shaking things up in the neurodivergent space. Join us as we explore neurodivergence across all aspects of identity, from career to money, to sex and education.

Episode 07 is live! Tune in as we talk to Delvene Pitt (she/her) about navigating the performing arts industry as a Black dyslexic ADHD’er. 

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We're sitting down with founder and content creator Nik Hobrecker to talk about neurodivergent wellbeing and what his journey to becoming a creator has looked like. Follow and rate us on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and YouTube to get alerts for new episodes.

Meet our past guests

From therapists, to tech entrepreneurs, and writers, get to know some of the people worldwide who are changing attitudes and perceptions around neurodiversity.

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One app, a world of visual planning


No more task avoidance. Always know what’s next on your schedule with tailored widgets for your homescreen and lockscreen.

AI-powered checklists

AI-powered checklists to split big tasks into digestible chunks. With one magical little click.

Focus timer

No more time agnosia. Our visual timer keeps you focused and helps you smoothly transition between tasks.


Forgetful? We’ll nudge you with tailored notifications and reminders, so you can stay on top of even the most hectic days.


Create your own visual universe with 3000+ shades and specially designed icons. Make your tasks instantly recognizable


Free your mind! Keep track of your thinking with notes or do a brain dump when on the go. Turn notes into tasks with one simple click.

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Our two woman founders are entrepreneurs, moms, and

Made in Scandinavia

Nordic design is in our team DNA. No wonder simplicity and functionality are at the core of our app. ‍

Best assistive technology

We won this accolade at the 2022 Neurodiversity awards hosted by
Genius Within.