Our mission

At Tiimo, we want to make life easier for people who need structure and visual support in their daily lives. We want to create positive change and social inclusion through the use of meaningful assistive technology. That is why Tiimo is designed to be a digital friend who is smart, reliable, discreet and available on all devices, so you can bring it anywhere.

Meet the team

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Melissa Würtz Azari
Co-founder & Designer

Creative thinker, who loves to solve everyday challenges. Believes that great design is created with the user in mind. Enthusiastic, happy and ambitious. Has a silly humor and a sweet tooth.

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Helene Lassen Nørlem
Co-founder & CEO

UX researcher focusing on people-centric positive change. Soccer player. Appreciates a good pub quiz.

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Thomas Nymark Horsted
COO & Growth Responsible

Generalist, nerd and go-getter. Passionate about social entrepreneurship that drives positive change. Likes his beer cold, conversation challenging and is a great celebrity impressionist.

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Rikke Struve
Customer Experience Manager

Creates great user experiences. Loves to help develop people and appreciates well-being. Puts an honor in making a difference for others and believes in the power of a smile. Mother 🧡.

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Charlotte Egeskov
Digital Media Manager & Graphic Designer

Extremely curious by nature and in constant beta mode. Fond of aesthetics & arts. Loves travelling and experiencing new cultures - and cats. Loves cats.

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Lars Schunk

Generalized specialist. Or specialized generalist. Likes old movies, new tech, and good breakfast.

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Signe Marie Marott Bentzen
UI/UX Designer

Passionate about the interaction between technology and people. Studied HTML in the eighth grade and always brings her A game. An old soul who can impress anyone with her pizza bianco 🍕.

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Anna Fay Hermandson
Lead on partnerships & Community outreach

An empathic people-person. Loves finding hidden pathways to high-impact, mutually beneficial partnerships. Find her mixing whiskey sours, strategising on decarbonisation, or throwing a dance party for her two toddlers.

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Dagur Daníelsson
Software Developer

Our Icelandic representative! Is intrinsically curious and a person who wants to experience as much as possible. This is why Dagur always has a great story (or five) to tell!

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Hans Emil Almegaard Hansen
Backend Developer

Makes sure our backend runs smoothly. Loves documentaries, especially with a good beer. Randomly discovered pottery making, and has since crafted a collection of some wild cups and bowls.

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Jakob Pipenbring Mikkelsen
iOS Developer

A hardcore 🍎fan, of course. Find him passionately in conversation about cryptocurrency or the tech trends of the future. To recharge, he likes spending time fishing in the wild. He’ll be very excited the day he catches a sea trout.

The team behind Tiimo

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