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Boost your coaching impact with Tiimo and help your clients build effective strategies that lead to better lives. Tiimo supports coaches in creating better outcomes for themselves and for individuals with unique neurocognitive profiles such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, stress, anxiety, and other executive function variations.

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A digital planning tool
for daily results

Imagine turning your coaching strategies into tangible, daily tasks that your clients can manage with ease. That's what integrating technology like Tiimo can do. Your expertise, combined with our digital planning tool helps you run a better coaching practice and assists your clients in creating and sustaining routines that result in more focus, more control, and a new sense of calm. 

Specialized in neuro-
divergence since 2015

Tiimo co-founders Melissa Würtz Azari and Helene Lassen Nørlem worked with neurodivergent adolescents (ADHD) as part of a research project that looked into how technology could support their needs. Tiimo was founded in 2015 as a result of that research. The app is designed to bolster vital executive functioning skills like problem solving, motivation, memory, time management, and goal setting.

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+2000 reviews
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one million times worldwide
'Best assistive technology' winner at Neurodiversity Awards 2022

Not just for ADHD:
Tiimo is the executive function specialist

In today's high-paced work culture, stress, and burnout are ubiquitous. These factors can impede executive function, even in neurotypical brains. Use Tiimo to support and work with a wide range of clients, including neurotypical clients experiencing anxiety and other reactions to stress.

Loved by users and proven effective ❤️


reported feeling more equipped to manage their workload thanks to Tiimo

*Survey of Tiimo premium users, April 2023


reported reduced stress levels because of Tiimo


would recommend Tiimo to other neurodivergent individuals

A free tailored program for coaches

Grow your practice
with Tiimo

Are you an ADHD, AuDHD, and/or executive function coach and are looking to improve and grow your practice? Our partner program offers an easy and intuitive way to integrate tailored planning technology to help you optimize your own time management as well as maximize your positive impact on clients.

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All Tiimo approved coaches automatically receive a free premium subscription period to Tiimo. If you are on iOS you will receive a one year free subscription. If you are an Android user, you will receive three months 100% free.**

**Unfortunately, Google does not support promotional offers longer than 3 month on Android, so we cannot offer more at this time.

3 extra months of Tiimo for all your client subscriptions

As an official Tiimo partner, your clients are gifted an extra three months Tiimo subscription for free with the purchase of an annual plan (via your unique partner code). It's a longer window to establish healthy habits and positive change.

Free starter sessions for you and your clients

Free virtual 25 minute sessions introducing you and your clients to Tiimo’s universe of features and benefits.

Tap into a pool of potential clients

Stand out from the crowd. As a Tiimo partner coach you will have an opportunity to share your knowledge and get featured on our website.  

Add Tiimo coaching sessions to your practice

Grow your revenue with Tiimo-specific sessions for your clients. Help your clients familiarize themselves with the tool, set routines, and help them have an optimal start with Tiimo.

Be the first in line for coaching opportunities with Tiimo

We will prioritize Tiimo coaches when developing future opportunities, from Tiimo-hosted coaching workshops, events, to masterclasses. With more than 200K users worldwide, Tiimo has a loyal and dedicated user base. 

Receive a free starter kit with everything you need to get going

Includes a mini-guide to working with Tiimo, FAQ, resources, and marketing materials. You will also receive your unique Tiimo promo code to offer to your clients.

“Tiimo makes me feel in control because I'm able to see my day visually, and I can build up a library of routines to make scheduling a breeze."

Laura, 27

Tiimo user

A world of neuroinclusive planning


Never miss an appointment. Get instant access to your schedule right on your homescreen and lockscreen, ensuring you always know what's coming up next

AI-powered checklists

Let AI take the pain out of planning complex tasks. Create to-do lists or break down large projects with one magical click.

Focus timer

A visual timer to keep you on track and help you transition between clients and tasks.


Forgetful? We’ll nudge you with tailored notifications and reminders, so you can stay on top of even the most hectic days.

Personalized planning

Customize the look and feel of your schedule with 3000+ shades and specially designed icons. Create instantly recognizable tasks for you and your clients.


Never forget a good idea. Keep track of your thinking with notes or do a brain dump when on the go. Turn notes into tasks with one simple click.



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