April 6, 2020

Film premiere: ‘Amazing Kids' by animator Alex Amelines is out now ✨

The film is narrated by fourteen autistic kids, describing their experiences from their own perspective. We're thrilled to have supported the process of producing this film.

Film premiere: ‘Amazing Kids' by animator Alex Amelines is out now ✨

A few years ago, Alex Amelines, Dad to an amazing autistic child and an independent animator, set out to create a short film about autism that used positive and simple language with the aim of building understanding and inclusion amongst allistic (non-autistic) kids.

The project, 'Amazing Things Happen' was a labour of love that took Alex over one year to complete in his spare time. Alex had no idea it would win awards around the globe, be translated into 36 languages, and continue to be viewed by millions! 🌏🌎

Yesterday he premiered his second short film ‘Amazing Kids Happen’.
We're so proud to have supported the process of producing this film that centers the perspectives of autistic kids.

Here's a short message from Alex about the film:

'We started this project back in 2017 by asking parents of autistic children to interview their kids and share their answers with us.... It was hard (and kind of painful) to have to condense hours of precious insights into just 5 short minutes. A big shout out to everyone who donated on our GoFundMe campaign – we really appreciate your support! Thanks to you we got some lovely original music, a world-class producer and a super-talented editor on board to make this animation even more special.'

Please share it widely and support Alex’ work! 💙


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