Scientifically based strategies in one digital solution

Research study with Aalborg University

Tiimo currently has a research collaboration with Aalborg University in Denmark on the effect of Tiimo in children, especially on the ability to measure on the child's mood throughout the day. In this way, parents and specialists can gain insight into the child's daily needs and challenges, as well as potential solutions to these. The study is expected to be published in the first half of 2019.

Designed and developed together with families and experts

Tiimo has been designed and developed in collaboration with over 50 families and experts and has undergone tests in both school and private context for children and adolescents with ADHD, brain damage and other cognitive deficits. The feedback is very positive and testifies to more calm, more independent and more happy children.

Tiimo has shown a positive effect on people self-reliance in relation to the need for support and guidance in daily life - and can even help reduce stress and conflict. This is possible because Tiimo is based on evidence-based methods and combines structure, time management, icons and reminders in one simple solution.

These methods have been scientifically recognized and used for many years, but so far only existed as analog tools or expensive digital solutions. These include simple calendars, pictograms, Time Timers and Boardmaker.

Tiimo is everything and much more at the same time - based on the latest technology.

Recommended by Assistive Technology Base Denmark

Tiimo is recognized by Assistive Technology Base Denmark and is recommended by the National Board of Social Services as part of the National Plan of Action for ADHD, as an assistive technology solution for people with attention deficit.

“People with ADHD can benefit from assistive technology solutions for planning of everyday life and reducing stress. Tiimo can also support communication, social interaction and participation in society.”
Source: National Board of Social Services,
National ADHD Action Plan

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