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Tiffany Hammond

IG: @fidgets.and.fries

Writer & Autistic advocate. Tiffany’s activism is rooted in challenging the perception of Autism as being a lifelong burden, cultivating a community that explores intersectional advocacy, and inspiring thought leaders through storytelling, education, and critical discourse.

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Paige Layle

TikTok: @paigelayle

Paige is an advocate who exhibits her life with autism on various social media platforms to help educate & inform the public on what autism is and how to help the community.

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The Autistic Life

IG: @theautisticlife

The Autistic Life is an Instagram page telling tales of being Autistic in a neurotypical world. Managed by Agustina - an Autistic illustrator, lettering artist, designer, and advocate.

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Samantha Stein

IG and YT: @yosamdysam

Sam is an autistic mother and wife, who started a YouTube channel to share her experiences after a late autism diagnosis aged 33. She now makes weekly videos covering topics from autism and neurodiversity to executive functioning tips and tricks, in the hopes of helping autistic people understand themselves, and non-autistic people understand what it really means to be autistic.

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Joy F Johnson M.ED. M.S.

IG: @joyfjohnson

Joy is a Behaviour Specialist, Inclusion Specialist and Autism Advocate who partners with organizations, individuals and families to improve the lives of Autistic people. After spending years working in clinical settings, non-profits, and schools, her experience enables her to truly serve and represent autism community members in various contexts. She holds a Masters in Education, a Masters in Psychology and is currently finishing her PhD. She is Autistic herself.

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John Offord


Broadcaster John Offord chats to people from all walks of life about the different ways our brain can work and interpret information. Neurodiversity highlights that people naturally think about things differently. We have different interests and motivations, and are naturally better at some things and poorer at others.

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Sascha Kala

IG: @isthisavegetable

Sascha is a non-binary software engineer who enjoys using their Instagram to talk about their personal experience with autism, advocate for diversity and accommodation in tech, and spread happy visual stims through colors galore.

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Brandy Haberer

IG: @thechroniccouple

Brandy is a disability and autism activist, podcast host on the Chronic Couple, author, and artist. She was recognized by Wego Health as one of the top patent advocates and won the Best in Show Instagram award for 2021. After she and her husband were both diagnosed as autistic with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder affecting many autistic people, it became her mission to bring more awareness to under-diagnosed, rare conditions and help change the stigma around autism and mental health.

Content Contributors

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Josefina Troncosco

Twitter: @josefin_aut

Josefina is dual Chilean-Croatian citizen, and a writer and student in medical history. Josefina writes about autism and dyspraxia & the overlap between eating disorders and autism, and is member of Ambitious about Autism’s Youth Council and Autistica’s Insight Group. Special interests include: Japanese culture and fashion, art history and cats.

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Maaya Hitomi

Twitter: @StructuredSucc

Maaya Hitomi is the ADHD Coach and Academic Strategist behind Structured Success, where they work with ADHD, autistic, and otherwise neurodivergent clients to develop strategies for better coping. They have their Master’s and undergraduate degrees in Psychology, and 4 years experience as an ADHD Coach. More importantly, They’re (probably) autistic, and definitely ADHD and dyslexic, and rely on their structures and strategies to support their own success.

Community Partners

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ADHD Babes

IG: @ADHDbabes

ADHD Babes is a group of Black Women and Non-Binary people with ADHD. We create safe spaces for us to flourish and live our lives to their greatest potential. We aim to empower people with community, tools, learning and healing spaces to redefine ADHD, tackle its difficulties and utilise its strengths.

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ADHD hub is a community and collective of resources by and for ADHDers. With offers that range from learning resources, to coaching, to networking and body-doubling, ADHD hub is a community & living library. Reach out to them on Twitter.

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Autism GrownUp


Autism Grown Up is a not for profit and resource library that was created to fill that gap in resources for autistic youth reaching adulthood and their support networks. Check out their blog and extensive tools and community.

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